A Study on Changes and Meanings of Seoul Boramae Park as a Park Created in Relocated Sites


Journal of the Korean Institute of Landscape Architecture


Seoul Boramae Park was opened on May 5, 1986, after the Republic of Korea Air Force Academy relocated to Cheongju City in 1985. This study aims to examine the birth and evolution of Seoul Boramae Park and diagnose the park's value being transformed from the former site of the Air Force Academy. Policy reports and newspaper data were analyzed as a research method, focusing on Seoul public records. The study results are as follows. First, Seoul Boramae Park is a large-scale park created before the policy for parks on relocated sites we enacted. Second, Seoul Boramae Park has historical value as an urban park where memories and traces of the Air Force Academy overlap. Third, Seou Boramae Park contributed to regional change by promoting the public value of parks created on the relocated sites with an urban planning method. Seoul Boramae Park has implications for Korean landscape history as a case of securing large green areas in Seoul and presenting its function and roles as a park created on a relocated site.


Public Records, Air Force Academy, Large Parks, Urban Parks, Landscape Archives


서영애, 박희성, 길지혜, 김정화, 이상민, & 최혜영. (2023). 이전적지 공원으로서 서울 보라매공원의 변화와 의미. Journal of the Korean Institute of Landscape Architecture, 51(1), 85-97.