A Study on the Analysis of Park User Experiences in Phase 1 and 2 Korea’s New Towns with Blog Text Data


Journal of the Korean Institute of Landscape Architecture


This study aims to examine the characteristics of the user experience of New Town neighborhood parks and explore issues that diversify the experience of the parks. In order to quantitatively analyze a large amount of park visitors’ experiences, text-based Naver blog reviews were collected and analyzed. Among the Phase 1 and 2 New Towns, the parks with the highest user experience postings were selected for each city as the target of analysis. Blog text data was collected from May 20, 2003, to May 31, 2022, and analysis was conducted targeting Ilsan Lake Park, Bundang Yuldong Park, Gwanggyo Lake Park, and Dongtan Lake Park. The findings revealed that all four parks were used for everyday relaxation and recreation. Second, the analysis underscores park’s diverse user groups. Third, the programs for parks nearby were also related to park usage. Fourth, the words within the top 20 rankings represented distinctive park elements or content/programs specific to each park. Lastly, the results of the network analysis delineated four overarching

types of park users and the networks of four park user types appeared differently depending on the park. This study provides two implications. First, in addition to the naturalistic characteristics, the differentiation of each park’s unique facilities and programs greatly improves public awareness and enriches the individual park experience. Second, if analysis of the context surrounding the park based on spatial information is performed in addition to text analysis, the accuracy of interpretation of text data analysis results could be improved. The results of this study can be used in the planning and designing of parks and greenspaces in the Phase 3 New Towns currently in progress.


Social Media, Text Mining, Planning and Design, Park and Greenspaces, Park Programs


심주영, 이민수, & 최혜영. (2024). 블로그 텍스트 데이터를 활용한 1, 2기 신도시 공원의 이용자 경험 분석 연구. Journal of the Korean Institute of Landscape Architecture, 52(3), 89-102.