[2024.06.30] Article Published in the "Journal of the Korean Institute of Landscape Architecture" 

심주영, 이민수, & 최혜영. (2024). 블로그 텍스트 데이터를 활용한 1, 2기 신도시 공원의 이용자 경험 분석 연구. Journal of the Korean Institute of Landscape Architecture, 52(3), 89-102.

[2024.04.30] Article Published in the "Studies in Regional Development" 

권윤구, 박찬, 김호걸, & 최혜영. (2024). A Comparative Study on Preference Factors of Urban Parks by Cultural Area Based on Big Data Analysis. 지역개발연구, 56(1), 29-50. 

[2024.02.14] Article Published in the "Cities Journal" 

Shin, M., Woo, J. H., & Choi, H. (2024). Applicability of Q-methodology in public engagement practice for large urban park development–Case of Seoul Yongsan Park. Cities, 149, 104956.

[2024.02.14] Selected as the Member of Consulting Committee for the 7th "Presidential Commission on Architecture Policy" 

"제7기 국가건축정책위원회" 자문위원으로 선정, 발족식 참석