Case Studies for the Establishment of Korean National Urban Park


Journal of the Korean Institute of Landscape Architecture


Although the ‘Act on Urban Parks and Green Spaces' was revised in 2016 to provide a legal foundation for national urban parks, there was no further discussion or follow-up research for the implementation of national urban parks. This study investigates Korea's park and green space regulations and national urban park cases from across the world. It aims to analyze worldwide cases and set a course for a viable national urban park system in Korea. The importance and characteristics of national urban parks were evident after reviewing the cases of Japan, Sweden, Finland, and Canada, which have national urban park systems, and the United States and Germany, which aid city parks with national budgets. Each country determined the plans and procedures by assessing the scope of government intervention and the government's role. The importance of communication between the state and municipal governments and private sector participation and governance was recognized. A system was also formed in which local governments actively participate in the nomination, establishment, administration, and management of national urban parks. The results of this study are as follows. First, the

concept of equitable national development should be implemented to activate the national urban park system. Second, the national urban park should be a land management tool that may be used to balance development and preservation. Third, a specific method of securing, constructing, administering, and operating national urban parks should be supplemented by the current legislative framework amendment. Furthermore, the establishment of a sustainable research institute is needed to comprehensively analyze parks and green space systems and make appropriate decisions.


National Government Park, Finland National Urban Park, Rouge National Urban Park, Equitable Development of National Territory


최혜영, & 서영애. (2022). 사례로 본 한국 국가도시공원 조성 연구. Journal of the Korean Institute of Landscape Architecture, 50(2), 116-126.